WATCH: Beyoncé Releases ’7/11′ Music Video

If you didn’t know now you know! Beyoncé surprised fans tonight (November 21) when she uploaded the music video for her latest single ’7/11′. The song is the current single promoting the platinum edition of her self titled album to be released Monday, November 24th.

The video is extremely stripped down and shows Bey and her dancers dancing and acting up in multiple scenes. Bey showcases her wild and goofy side and completely embraces the message of “7/11″ – its not meant to be taken so serious. Every artist is allowed to just have fun, and 7/11 is that track. The video was uploaded to her personal Youtube account and views for it are increasing by the minute. Check out the video for yourself, and let us know, can you smack it sideways and throw your hands up in the air? Read more

Beyoncé’s ‘Pretty Hurts’ Tops AP’s ‘Best Songs of 2014′ List

Beyoncé’s ‘Pretty Hurts’ tops the Associated Press’ top songs of 2014 list.

    1. “Pretty Hurts,” Beyoncé: Contemporary music’s top singer and songwriter — Beyoncé and Sia — join forces to create a song that is heavy, deeply felt, emotional — but most important, beautiful. “Pretty Hurts,” with its winning accompanying music video, tackles the insecurities anyone and everyone feels, and Beyoncé’s rising vocals bring Sia’s words to life, including lyrics like “it’s the soul that needs surgery.”

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Beyoncé is the UK’s Most Googled Female Celebrity of 2014

Beyoncé has been revealed as the UK’s most Googled female celebrity of 2014, while Ed Sheeran was the most searched-for male.

The singer has had an amazing year, touring with her husband, Jay Z, and receiving the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award at the VMAs in August, all off the back of her fifth album’s surprise-release at the tail end of 2013.

  • Most Googled Female Celebs in the UK in 2014:
    1. Beyoncé
    2. Jennifer Lawrence
    3. Katy Perry
    4. Ariana Grande
    5. Taylor Swift
    6. Katie Price
    7. Nicki Minaj
    8. Selena Gomez
    9. Mary Berry
    10. Emma Watson


Beyoncé & Jay Z Attend Roc Nation Holiday Party in NYC (Dec. 15)

Beyoncé and Jay Z were spotted at Bryant Park while celebrating at the Roc Nation Holiday Party in NYC last night (December 15).

Reportedly, Beyoncé and Jay Z and other people there went Ice Skating and the whole rink was rented especially for the party.

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Beyoncé & Jay Z Attend Justin Timberlake’s Concert with Taylor Swift and HAIM in NYC (Dec. 14)

Beyoncé and Taylor Swift were spotted in the in the VIP section at Justin Timberlake’s concert in New York City last night (December 14).

Bey and Tay were seen together earlier this weekend during the Billboard Women in Music Luncheon and during Taylor’s 25th birthday party.

Along with HAIM, they seemed like they were having a lot of fun as they held onto red plastic cups, especially when Jay Z joined Justin during ‘Holy Grail’ performance.

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Beyoncé & Jay Z Attend Taylor Swift’s 25th Birthday Party in NYC (Dec. 13)

Beyoncé and Jay Z made a surprise visit to Taylor Swift’s apartment in Tribeca in New York City to celebrate her 25th birthday (December 13).

Beyoncé and Taylor were seen chatting earlier at the 2014 Billboard Women in Music Luncheon. BFFs alert? See for yourself here.

The birthday party was packed with celebrities including Justin Timberlake, Sam Smith,Nicki Jonas, Selena Gomez, HAIM, Charli XCX, Karlie Kloss and more.

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