Beyoncé Introduces her New Visual Album on iTunes Radio


14 Dec Beyoncé Introduces her New Visual Album on iTunes Radio

Beyoncé introduces her new album on iTunes Radio. She explains all the songs here!

  • Pretty Hurts  – “Pretty Hurts was such an incredible song, it’s really difficult to find a song with such a strong message that doesn’t feel preachy & Sia is such a genius. The second I heard the song, I’m like I have to sing this song. I don’t care how hard I have to fight for this song, this is my song! (laughs) I immediately saw the vision & I thought about pageants & I thought about the most humiliating ,judgmental place you can be as a woman. I feel like sometimes the world is a big contest, we’re all being judged. I wanted to capture how humiliating & insecure that makes you feel. Melina was able to capture that emotion & capture the extremes we feel we have to go to to please the people that judge us. I knew from the moment that I recorded the song that she was the person that I wanted to bring the visual to life.”
  • Haunted – “Haunted is a song produced by Boots, a producer I completely respect. He’s a instrument,He’s a lyricist,He is an Innovator & I’m so proud to work with him. And the song is really about Temptation in the Music Industry & being exposed to this Craziness.”
  • Blow – “Blow I shot in Houston, TX, and I grew up in FunPlex which is a skating rink which we went back to & it was so strange because it was one of my first dates with one of my first boyfriends at FunPlex. And now I got the whole FunPlex that I rented out & I thought I was balling. (laughs) I’m like “Man, this FunPlex is just for me!” But it was beautiful to be back there & to shoot with Hype Willaims. And I was really happy to work with him again because he created the music videos for Hip-Hop/R&B artists. He was the visionary for that. From him to bring out the art direction & the hood, the sex appeal & all the things he brings to the music industry & kinda pays homage to everything brilliant that he’s done was exciting for me.”
  • No Angel –  “This next song goes out to H-Town, here is No Angel.”
  • Yoncé/Partition – “Yoncé is such an Incredible song, I love it because it’s really organic & the drumbeat was actually done in the studio by Justin Timberlake. He just started beating on these buckets & The Dream started coming up with this little chant. -sings Liqa Chant- And It’s so exciting when something naturally happens that way. Partition which is a song, You know I didn’t need a pen & paper, it just kinda flew out of my mouth & it’s one of my favorites.”
  • Jealous – “Jealous is a song about being human. We all get jealous, it doesn’t matter who you are at some point it’s inevitable. I co-directed this video with some very talented people, we shot in the streets of NYC at 4 in the morning ,it was freezing cold. -chuckle- But it turned out excellent.”
  • Rocket – “Rocket is one of the most (more) sensual songs, it reminds me of the vibe I got when I first heard D’Angelo’s Untitled.”
  • Mine – “Drake is one of my favorite rappers, he is extremely talented & I’m so happy he worked with me on this next song. It’s called Mine.”
  • Bow Down/Flawless – “The reason I put out Bow Down is because I woke up, I went into the studio, I had a chant in my head, it was aggressive, it was angry, it wasn’t the Beyoncé that wakes up every morning. It was the Beyoncé that was angry. It was the Beyoncé that felt the need to defend herself! And if this song never comes, OK I said it! I listened to it after I finished & said, “THIS IS HOT! Imma Put it out!” I’m not going to sell it, I’m just going to put it out!” People like it? great, they don’t? they don’t. And I won’t do it every day because that’s not who I am. But I feel strong, & anyone who says it’s disrespectful. Just imagine the person that hates you, just imagine the person that doesn’t believe in you & look in the Mirror in say “BOW DOWN BITCH!” And I guarantee you feel Gangsta, so listen to that song from that point of view if you didn’t like it before.”
  • Heaven – “The song Heaven is about death & finding the strength in knowing that someone had an incredible life. Also in that giving you some type of closure.”

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  • Jay D

    I love Bey’s creativity. The album is a BOMB!

  • mrs Vink

    Why does she writes a whole song about sex, blow. I truly love her, but I am really confused that she made very sexual video clips. I really disgus video clips like Pour it up and Wrecking ball. However, Beyoncé was so perfect to me and therefore I really don’t know what to think of those clips. I really hope that her performances won’t get to sexual, she just doesn’t need it. Aren’t there more fans confused? Not to forget, I am so proud of her either, because overall she has accomplished a lot by realing an visual album, and it is truly a piece of art!

    • Ace

      It’s not really about sex , it’s more about women needing to be free like men sexually ,not about showing her ass or being provocative but more about the act of LOVE ,and blow video isn’t that sexual , partition is waaaay more sexual , and it’s something each of her albums got , I’m a long time fan , and this is a really good album , her creativity is on topand she always make a different album and grows thru them , but this is my opinion , hope i helped :))

      • mrs Vink

        Thanks for you quick reply! It did helped in a way, because your right about the fact that it is something that each of her albums got. Partition is indeed more sexual, I am also curious what you think of other clips that are quiet sexual ( pour it up from Rihanna), or songs like whistle baby by florida which are about oral sex. ( I just really do not know what to think, since I understand the people that are against it and the groups that do accept it). I’m really in love with the new beat/sound of the album, do you still think that she can gve awesome dance performance, like her live performances of end of time, run the world and why don’t you love me, with these kinds of songs.

        • Ace

          Yes absolutely , with Yoncé , flawless , blow and XO and her vocals will go off with heaven , rocket , mine , ghost etc . I think whistle baby was very subtle i didn’t give it much thoughts bt pour it up by rihanna isn’t my fav video of her i know she could’ve done better , i thought it was a bit of a mess , the whole thing about those sex songs is that it just should not be about making women look like whores , sex is a natural thing but everything should be portrayed with class in my opinion , and don’t forget that artist thru history have made song about oral sex and sex in general like madonna D’Angelo , Miss jackson , usher , britney , christina , the rolling stones , Prince etc :)

        • Ace

          Give the self titled album many tries , we will fall in love with most of it trust me , it needs to grow on you

  • adnen bens

    I am a long time fan of Beyoncé, and ever since Destiny’s Child but I am confused. I have listened to it and watched the clips over and over and it doesn’t work. I DON’T LIKE THIS ALBUM. Only “Pretty Hurts” and “XO” are good in my opinion. The only tracks I see as leading singles. All of the rest isn’t appealing to me. I think it’s because all of my favorite songs from Beyoncé are the upbeat ones (Crazy in Love, Single Ladies, Get me Bodied…) and here there isn’t a single one !

    This album was “kinda announced” with gems like GROWN WOMAN, STANDING ON THE SUN. Even RISE UP and BACK TO BLACK which were for movies were making me looking forward to the album. And even GOD MADE YOU BEAUTIFUL for her DVD. none of those made it to the album appart from GROWN WOMAN as a BONUS video.

    I am so disappointed in this album and I feel like EVERYONE (critics AND fans) are all liking it. So I get to question myself.

    • Ace

      Grown woman is up tempo too so is Yoncé and flawless , and no rise , back to black god made u beautiful are not a par of the album we knew it , and we thought bow dow is a tease song , we didn’t expect it to be released we knew there was an album but not when ; well maybe part 2 will be more upbeats :))

      • adnen bens

        Will there really be a part 2 album ?? I mean we already got 14 songs which is more than most albums.

        • Ace

          yes this is part 1 , no date on part 2 tho , 2014 maybe even 2015 :))

          • adnen bens

            Well if this is like her I am… Sasha Fierce album with a ballad soulful disk and an upbeat disk I’m already in love with the idea.

          • Ace

            Who knows , maybe , i actually really love this one so i can’t wait for part 2

    • Carolina Garcia

      I agree i know what you mean none of the songs really stood out to me like #1 singles and the reason why everyone is going crazy is due to the videos. I mean really only 3 stand out and with that being said the album is still good but not all that!

    • Drunk In Love

      You have to give it a try. Really. I didn’t like the album. You could start listening to Heaven, it’ll kill you very softly and pierce you right through the heart. and Blue. :) Drunk In Love is the best song in my opinion. You gotta give them a try. Especially the downtempos and midtempos. :) The uptemposa aren’t that all great in my opinion