Ryan Tedder Talks About his Collaboration with Beyoncé

Beyoncé has managed to break ticket sale records while she has been in Australia … “The Queen is on fire”, in the words of Nova FM’s Smallzy.

So what’s happening with upcoming music, while she’s on an all-time high?

Well, One Republic frontman Ryan Tedder, who is responsible for writing Beyonce’s “Halo”, has word.

“I have a song on her next album that i did with The Dream,” he told Smallzy in a backstage chat before Tedder was preparing to perform in Nova’s Red Room.

“He did Single Ladies, I did Halo, so what would happen if we did a song together?”

Fireworks, apparently.

“I think it’s a bigger and better song than Halo,” Tedder told Smallzy.

Of course he has his doubts, but who better to gage how well a song will go, than the man behind some of the biggest pop songs in the world?

Unfortunately, Tedder isn’t sure when we’re going to see new music from Queen Bey, but at least we know it’s there, ready and waiting.

“I don’t know when she’s coming out with something, I don’t know what the album’s called, all I know is I can’t wait ’til our song comes out.”