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Culcha Candela is a band from North Carolina. This group of musicians has been making music since the late 80s and their sound is a blend of punk, metal, and alternative rock. They have released five studio albums and one EP.

Culcha Candela is a band from New York City. They have released three albums and one EP so far. Their first album, Culcha Candela, was released in 2009 followed by Honey in 2011 and Amor Fati in 2013.

Culcha Candela is a German band that formed in the early 2000s and has been active for years, expanding its omnidimensional high-energy music as their popularity grew. Massive successes like 2007’s “Party Bus,” 2009’s “Monsta,” and 2012’s soccer anthem “Von Allein” have come from their sound, which is a mixture of Latin rhythms, multilingual lyrics, and big-beat pop production. As they neared 20 years in the music business, Culcha Candela became something of an institution, selling millions of records, touring widely, and even producing a live album and a greatest-hits collection.

Next Generation Culcha Candela was established by vocalist Johnny Strange in Berlin in 2002. Strange, DJ Chino, Don Cali, and Mateo were among the first members of the roster, which featured a variety of additional vocalists and DJs. Union Verdadera, the band’s first album, was released in 2004, followed by Next Generation in 2005. Their self-titled third album earned their first platinum-selling record in 2007, thanks to chart-topping, high-energy songs like “Hamma!” with dancehall overtones. With a live album in 2008, a politically oriented fourth album Schöne neue Welt in 2009, and a best-of collection in 2010, their growing worldwide reputation culminated in a nonstop sequence of activity over the following few years. Over a million copies of Schöne neue Welt and their greatest-hits compilation Das Beste were sold. By the turn of the century, Culcha Candela had cemented their status as a pop sensation, and their fifth album, Flätrate, was released in 2011, followed by Candelistan in 2015 and Feel Erfolg in 2017. Culcha Candela evolved with the times, embracing new waves in EDM and hip-hop production and incorporating them into their new work, resulting in success after hit.

Culcha Candela is a band from New Orleans, Louisiana. The members are all of African-American descent and they speak in the patois dialect of French. They have released 5 albums so far with their most recent album being Bounce which was released in 2017. Reference: louisiana patois.

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