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Evan Craft is a singer-songwriter, songwriter, and producer. He was born in North Carolina on December 3rd, 1997. He has released three albums so far called “Evan Craft”, “The River”, and “The Great Unknown”.

Evan Craft is an American singer-songwriter who was born in the year of 1990. He is a songwriter and musician from Nashville, Tennessee. His parents are both from different countries which makes his nationality unknown.

Yo Soy Segundo

Evan Craft is a Christian pop singer who is most known for his creative praise and worship songs, which he performs in both English and Spanish. Yo Soy Segundo, his first album from 2012, debuted at number 10 on the Latin Pop Albums list. With albums like Principio y Fin from 2015 and Impulso from 2017, Craft has remained a successful artist in the Latin and Christian genres. He’s also worked with the GDS Band, Matt Redman, Elevation Worship, and others on songs, including Danny Gokey and Redimi2, who joined him on the song “Be Alright” from 2024’s Desperado.

Craft, who was born in 1991 in Conejo Valley, California, started playing guitar at the age of 12 and was composing and performing his own songs by high school. He self-released and sold numerous albums and EPs during concerts. During his youth, Craft also pursued a serious study of Spanish, reaching a level of competence that enabled him to help his father in operating a homeless shelter in Los Angeles.

Craft continued his language education in college, studying in Spain and Costa Rica. He started composing songs in Spanish as well. Yo Soy Segundo, his first Spanish-language album, was published in 2012 on Dream Records and distributed by Universal. Following that, he teamed up with friends and fellow musicians Sean and Ryan Cook, as well as Nico Aranda, to tour across Spain and preach an evangelical message via concerts at churches, schools, and orphanages.

Craft started uploading videos on YouTube and releasing Spanish versions of his English songs as well as Spanish covers of famous Anglo praise anthems, believing that this was his life’s purpose and the greatest way to serve God. As a consequence, Y Soy Segundo has charted on Christian radio and as a download. In 2014, he released the EP Jóvenes Somos. His YouTube following grew, resulting in a surge in demand that enabled him to tour churches and other venues throughout Latin America for the remainder of 2014 and into 2015.

Craft started producing an album of congregational anthems with Sean Cook as producer after returning home for the winter. The 19-song collection, named Principio y Fin, was published in July via Essancy Music. It had all original material, including a duet with Carlos PenaVega on the chart-topping title tune, as well as duets with Danilo Montero, Ingrid Rosario, Seth Condrey, and Lluvia Richards on “Un Corazón.”

In 2017, Craft released his third album, Impulso, which included guest performances from Alex Campos, Marcela Gandara, Ke’erron Sims, and others. He also performed on a 2019 Spanish version of Danny Gokey’s song “Love God Love People” (“Ama a Dios y a Tu Vecino”), which also included Redimi2. Craft reconnected with Gokey and Redimi2 for the song “Be Alright” the following year, the first single off his 2024 full-length Desperado.

Evan Craft is a singer-songwriter, who has been making music since he was just 15 years old. His album Church was released in October of 2016. Reference: evan craft church.

Frequently Asked Questions

What nationality is Evan Craft?

Evan Craft is an American.

Does Evan Craft speak Spanish?

Evan Craft does not speak Spanish.

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