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Graciela Beltrán is a Mexican singer, songwriter, and actress. She was born on December 6th, 1978 in Mexico City. Beltrán released her first album in 1999 at the age of 18. Her second album “Para Ti” was released in 2002.

Graciela Beltrán is a singer-songwriter from Mexico. She has released two albums, Hijos and Amanecer.

Biography of the Artist

Tesoro Graciela Beltran, a Tejano singer, is generally regarded as one of the most important female voices in regional Mexican music. Beltran is recognized for helping to create the genre, as well as cementing women’s position in it, alongside singers like Roco Drcal and Selena. She was born in a tiny village in Sinaloa, Mexico, and she had tremendous musical talent at a young age. She started playing professionally at restaurants and fiestas at the age of six when her family moved to Los Angeles. She started recording CDs of norteo, banda, and mariachi music with local musicians under the name Gracielita Beltran. Beltran was discovered four years later by EMI executives, who offered to produce her next album. “Baraja de Oro” was one of Beltran’s first hits from his six albums with EMI. It was gold for a while, then platinum. Tesoro, her first album released in 1995, established her as a global music sensation. She made appearances on major Latin American television shows such as Sabado Gigante and Siempre en Domingo. Her album, La Reina del Pueblo con Banda, was out a few years later and included her own songs as well as those by Selena.

Beltran was quickly dubbed “La Reina del Pueblo” (“The Queen of the People”) in the press and among her admirers as a result of the record’s emotional appeal. Beltran’s fame increased in tandem with the development of regional Mexican music in the United States. Her shows were always sold out, and her albums topped a number of Billboard Latin charts. She has five film roles and a record with 20 original songs after reaching number one on the Mexican Regional Albums charts with Rancherisimas with Banda in 2006. Promesas No from 2007 and La Reina de la Banda from 2009 both made the cut. These three dates were heavily featured on the Top Latin Albums rankings. Beltran took a four-year sabbatical from the music industry after extensive cross-continental touring, resurfacing in 2014 with Homenaje a la Voz Ranchera on her own Morena label. She returned in 2017 with Evitame la Pena for Sony Music’s Goldfink label, after additional touring and another lengthy hiatus.

Graciela Beltrán is a Mexican singer and actress. She was born in Mexico City, Mexico on September 16th, 1988. Her father is of Spanish and Italian descent and her mother is of Lebanese descent. Reference: graciela beltran 2024.

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