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Isabel Pantoja – Biography, Songs, & Albums |

Isabel Pantoja is a Mexican singer and actress. She has released four studio albums, one live album and two extended plays (EPs). Her debut album, “Dejame Llevarte,” was released in 2007 and reached number-one on the Mexican Albums Chart.

Isabel Pantoja Biography, Songs, & Albums | The isabel pantoja asi fue is a Spanish singer-songwriter. Born in Madrid, Spain on October 13th 1982. In 2006 she released her first album called Porque te vas.

Desde Andalucia Isabel Pantoja is regarded as one of the finest vocalists of the traditional copla in history in Spain. Though her Andalusian folk style is heavily orchestrated, she is known for her meticulous attention to story, melody, drama, and rhythm. She’s been adding romantic pop ballads to her repertoire since the mid-’80s, and her popularity hasn’t suffered as a result. Pantoja’s beloved musical reputation has been bolstered by a storied life filled with awards (including more than 40 platinum-certified albums), tragedy, and misadventure (including a two-year prison sentence for being an accomplice to money laundering), as well as an emergency medical evacuation from a remote island during her time competing in the Spanish version of the television series Survivor).

Her first album, Fue por Tu Voz, from 1974, showed a fully developed artist, going through an intensive sequence of contemporary and traditional coplas and tonadillas (Spanish theatrical song). Her first international chart-topping album, Desde Andalucia (produced by Juan Gabriel), was released in 1988, but more than 18 of her more than 30 tracks had charted in Spain. From 1985 until his death in 2016, she had a close friendship with late singer, songwriter, and producer Gabriel, which resulted in several hit duets and singles, culminating in her participation on the number three tribute album Juan Gabriel… El Divo y Sus Divas and a show-stopping performance of his songs at the 2017 Festival de Via in Chile. She has hosted and judged numerous music competition reality television shows while continuing to record and perform.

Marinero De Luces Pantoja was born into a working-class household and is the daughter of a male flamenco singer and a female dancer. Her parents actively encouraged her to pursue a career as an artist, and she made her stage debut at the age of seven. Pantoja was a member of a dancing company as a youngster; she subsequently went to Madrid, where she met Juan Solano and the two agreed to collaborate. The album Fue por Tu Voz marked the singer’s debut in 1974. In April of 1983, she married bullfighter Francisco Rivera after falling in love with him. Rivera was gored and killed at a bullfight a year later, and she became a widow. Pantoja recorded Marinero de Luces, a tribute to her late spouse that was performed live in Madrid’s Lope de Vega Theatre, in 1985. The artist’s breakthrough came with the album.

Throughout the 1990s and 2000s, she published 15 albums, and her fame skyrocketed. She was arrested and imprisoned in 2007 for aiding and abetting her ex-money boyfriend’s laundering and other illegal crimes while serving as mayor of Marbella. In early 2013, she was sentenced to 24 months in prison. She pleaded guilty and promised to pay a four-million-euro fine in exchange for not having to serve time in jail. In November 2014, a jury rejected her plea, and she was sentenced to 15 months in prison. She immediately resumed traveling and recording after the album’s release in February 2016. Hasta Que Se Apague el Sol, Pantoja’s return album, was released by Universal in November.

Juan Gabriel, her longtime friend and colleague who had created music for her since 1988’s hit single “As Fue,” had died, and she was heartbroken. She performed on Juan Gabriel… El Divo y Sus Divas, a posthumous tribute album that reached at number three on the Latin Pop albums list in 2016, with Ana Gabriel, Roco Drcal, Lucian Villa, Estela Nez, and Gabriel himself. She paid her own homage to him by playing a full performance of his songs at the 2017 Festival de Via in Chile. She secured a deal with Telecino in 2019 and has since featured as a guest on Gran Hermano Do, as a competitor on Supervivientes 2019, and as a judge on Factor X and Idol Kids. Pantoja was a competitor on Survivors: Tierra de Nadie in June; she was evacuated from the island due to a medical issue, however she recovered completely.

Isabel Pantoja is a Spanish singer, songwriter and actress. She has released ten studio albums, three live albums, one compilation album, two extended plays, five digital singles and twelve music videos. Reference: isabel pantoja – wikipedia.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who was Isabel Pantoja married to?

Isabel Pantoja was married to Javier Pantoja.

How old is Isabel Pantoja?

Isabel Pantoja is currently 19 years old.

Where is Isabel Pantoja from?

Isabel Pantoja is a Spanish singer born in Madrid.

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