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Adan “Chalino” Sanchez Biography, Songs, & Albums |

In the early 2000s, Adan “Chalino” Sanchez was a member of Los Angeles-based Latin hip-hop group Cypress Hill. He released his first solo album in 2005 and has since released five more.

Adan Chalino Sanchez is a singer, songwriter and guitarist. He was born in Los Angeles, California on June 1st, 1984. Chalino has released six studio albums to date with his most recent album being Songs From the Heart.

Biography of the Artist

Gutierrez, Evan C.

Dios Me Nego Adan “Chalino” Sanchez was born on April 14, 1984, in Torrance, California. He was the son of Chalino Sanchez, a renowned corridista singer who was murdered when he was eight years old. The abduction and murder of his father caused a commotion in the regional Mexican music scene, garnering a lot of media attention. After his father’s death in 1992, his fame soared, resulting in a slew of compilation albums, postmortem releases, and dedications. Adan started following in his late father’s footsteps at a young age, releasing his first full-length album, Dios Me Nego, in 1995. (God Denies Me). Adan acquired a large following in the United States as a result of his upbringing in California. The bulk of his album titles dealt with his father’s death, which he shared with a large and sympathetic audience. La Corona de Mi Padre (My Father’s Crown), Te Vengo a Ver (I’m Going to See You), and Homenaje a Mi Padre are just a few examples (Homage to My Father). Adan’s popularity was growing, but it was still influenced by his father’s fame. In the same Mexican state where his father died, Adan Sanchez met an unfortunate end. The automobile transporting the singer and his companions overturned on the way to a performance in Tuxpan, hurling Sanchez from the vehicle and killing him on the spot. The streets outside the Los Angeles church where his burial service was conducted were packed with more than 10,000 admirers. With compilations of his work and recordings dedicated to his legacy, the music industry continues to pay tribute to him.

The adan chalino sanchez funeral is a tribute to the musician who died on September 25, 2018.

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