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Alta Consigna Biography, Songs, & Albums |

Alta Consigna is a Canadian alternative rock band formed in Toronto, Ontario in 1996. The band’s music has been described as “unpredictable and unique” by Spin Magazine.

Culpable Tu Alta Consigna is a famous regional banda quintet established by childhood friends in Tijuana in 2014. Traditional corridos and unique narcocorridos, as well as polkas, are all performed by the ensemble. Their success stems in part from a “do-it-yourself” attitude as well as a charismatic stage appearance. They’ve made a name for themselves in Mexico and the United States thanks to their mastery of social media platforms and networks. They began by creating their own films with no tools other than their instruments, cellphones, and, on rare occasions, laptops. Crecer Germán (lead vocals and guitar), Aaron Gil (vocals), Axel Ramrez (vocals and guitar), Dani Vidal (tuba), and Alan Nieblas (bass) comprised the band (requinto). Their first works were audio-only songs on social media, then audio and video compilations, followed by live videos, before evolving into more complex narrative affairs in line with their increasing fame. Crecer departed the band in 2015 to pursue a solo career, and he was replaced by electric guitarist Esteban Gonzalez. They continued to produce movies and other materials on a regular basis. On the Rancho Humilde label, they released two new albums in the first half of 2016, As Nac and Culpable T. The next year saw an avalanche of fresh recordings as they started yet another Desde la Oficina series endeavor. Alta Consigna recorded three volumes live in their office in 2017, as well as another studio album, No Te Pido Mucho.

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