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Eagles are a band from Los Angeles, California. They have had many hits including “Hotel California”, “Take it Easy”, and “Desperado”.

The eagles hotel california is a song by the American rock band Eagles. It was released on their album Hotel California in 1976 and became one of the band’s most popular songs.

Their Greatest Hits 1971-1975

The Eagles were without a doubt the most popular mainstream American rock band of the 1970s. Not only did they sell more records and concert tickets than their peers — Their Greatest Hits (1971-1975) and Hotel California are two of the best-selling albums of all time — but they also captured the changing zeitgeist of the 1970s, riding the country-rock hippie hangover at the end of the 1960s to the slick, expensive, and expansive pop/rock of Southern California in the late 1970s. Don Henley and Glenn Frey, the band’s co-leaders, didn’t seem to be brothers, but rather partners who had struck a deal to run a coolly professional outfit that would maximize their effect. This was not a bunch of adolescent pals that got together to dance at neighborhood events. Every original member of the band — Henley, Frey, Bernie Leadon, and Randy Meisner — had come to LA with separate bands, and when those groups disbanded, they stayed in town and played whatever gig came along. One of the concerts for all four was backing Linda Ronstadt in 1971. The four decided to create a band after seeing their synergy onstage and in the studio, and their first album was released in 1972.

Hits came quickly, but fame didn’t arrive until the second part of the decade, after the success of 1975’s One of These Nights. Their Greatest Hits (1971-1975), released shortly after, established their early years as canon, while Hotel California, released in 1976, epitomized all kinds of ’70s excess. By that time, the band’s lineup had changed — Leadon and Meisner had left, as had Leadon’s successor Don Felder; guitarist Joe Walsh and bassist Timothy B Schmit had replaced them — and the band had proven to be unprepared to deal with their mega-stardom. Before the band broke up, they released one more album, The Long Run, in 1979, and Henley and Frey went on to have significant solo success in the 1980s. Rumors of a reunion persisted, even after Henley joked that hell would freeze over before the Eagles played again, and an album was finally released in 1993, when the Hotel California-era band adapted the MTV Unplugged format for their own purposes on an album appropriately titled Hell Freezes Over. From then on, Eagles tours were a regular occurrence — sometimes they were massive undertakings, sometimes they were just a couple of shows, but the one constant was their success — and, despite the fact that the band continued to thrive on the back catalog, they recorded a brand-new double-album called Long Road Out of Eden, which returned the Eagles to the top of the charts in 2007.

Four Los Angeles-based artists who had relocated to the West Coast from various areas of the nation established the band. Randy Meisner (born March 8, 1946 in Scottsbluff, Nebraska) came to Los Angeles in 1964 as a member of the Soul Survivors (not to be confused with the East Coast-based Soul Survivors, who had a Top Five success with “Expressway to Your Heart” in 1967) and subsequently renamed the Poor. He joined Poco as a founding member in 1968, but departed before the band’s first record was released to join the Stone Canyon Band, Rick Nelson’s backing band. Meanwhile, Bernie Leadon (born July 19, 1947 in Minneapolis, Minnesota), a singer/guitarist/banjoist/mandolinist, came in Los Angeles in 1967 as a member of Hearts and Flowers, subsequently joining Dillard & Clark and then the Flying Burrito Brothers. Don Henley (born July 22, 1947 in Gilmer, Texas) came to Los Angeles in June 1970 with his band Shiloh, which released one self-titled album for Amos Records before disbanding. Finally, before coming to Los Angeles in the summer of 1968, Glenn Frey (born November 6, 1948 in Detroit, Michigan) played in his hometown and worked as a backup musician for Bob Seger. Longbranch Pennywhistle was established by him and J.D. Souther, and the two artists signed to Amos Records, who issued their self-titled album in 1969.

Linda Ronstadt Frey and Henley were recruited to perform in Linda Ronstadt’s backing band in the spring of 1971. Meisner and Leadon also accompanied Ronstadt on her summer tour, but the four only performed together once, at Disneyland in July. They did, however, all feature on Linda Ronstadt, Ronstadt’s following album. Frey, Henley, Leadon, and Meisner inked a deal with manager David Geffen in September 1971, agreeing to record for his soon-to-be-launched label, Asylum Records; shortly after, they chose the moniker the Eagles. They went to England in February 1972 to record their first album, Eagles, with producer Glyn Johns for two weeks. On the basis of two Top Ten singles — “Take It Easy” and “Witchy Woman” — and one Top 20 hit, “Peaceful Easy Feeling,” it was released in June and reached the Top 20 and became gold in little over a year and a half.

Desperado Throughout 1972 and early 1973, the Eagles performed as an opening act before returning to England to make their second album, Desperado, a concept album about outlaws. Glyn Johns produced the album, which was released in April 1973 and entered the Top 40 and went gold in less than a year and a half, producing the Top 40 song “Tequila Sunrise.” Despite never being issued as a single, the title track became one of the band’s most well-known songs and was featured on the Eagles’ first greatest hits collection.

On the Border The Eagles reconvened a recording session with Glyn Johns for their third album after touring in support of Desperado’s release. However, their ambition to create harsher rock music collided with Johns’ perception of them as a country-rock band, and they parted ways with him after recording just two songs, “You Never Cry Like a Lover” and “The Best of My Love.” Following a tour with singer/guitarist Joe Walsh in early 1974, the band opted to employ Walsh’s producer, Bill Szymczyk, to handle the remainder of the On the Border recordings. Szymczyk brought in a session guitarist, Don Felder (born September 21, 1947 in Gainesville, Florida), an old friend of Bernie Leadon’s who pleased the rest of the band enough to be hired.

In March 1974, On the Border was released. In June, it was certified gold and entered the Top Ten, making it the Eagles’ fastest-selling album to date. In the same month, the first song, “Already Gone,” entered the Top 20. But “The Best of My Love,” which was released as a single in November, was the most popular song on the album and the one that broke them through to a far wider audience. In February 1975, it topped the easy listening charts, and a month later, it topped the mainstream charts.

One of These Nights, the Eagles’ fourth album, was an unexpected hit. It was released in June 1975 and went gold the same month, before reaching number one in July. It also included three Top Five singles: the chart-topping title track, “Lyin’ Eyes,” and “Take It to the Limit.” The Eagles were nominated for Grammys for Album of the Year (One of These Nights) and Record of the Year (“Lyin’ Eyes”) in 1975, while “Lyin’ Eyes” won the Grammy for Best Pop Vocal Performance by a Duo, Group, or Chorus. The band embarked on a headline global tour, which began in the United States and ended in Europe. However, on December 20, 1975, it was revealed that Bernie Leadon had left the band, and Joe Walsh (born November 20, 1947, in Wichita, Kansas) was brought in to take his place. He joined the trip right away, and it proceeded to the Far East in early 1976.

Thriller With no imminent plans for a new album due to their heavy traveling, the Eagles decided to issue a compilation, Their Greatest Hits (1971-1975), in February 1976. The album’s popularity soared at an astonishing rate. It topped the charts and became a huge hit, selling more than 25 million copies and competing with Michael Jackson’s Thriller for the title of best-selling album of all time in the United States.

One of These Nights took the Eagles 18 months to follow up with their fifth album, Hotel California. The song became platinum in one week after being released in December 1976, reached number one in January 1977, and ultimately sold over 10,000,000 copies. “New Kid in Town” and “Hotel California” were both number one singles, while “Life in the Fast Lane” reached the Top 20. Meanwhile, “Hotel California” was nominated for Song of the Year and won the Grammy for Record of the Year in 1977; the album was nominated for Album of the Year and Best Pop Vocal Performance by a Duo, Group, or Chorus. In March 1977, the Eagles started a global tour that included a month in the United States, a month in Europe and the Far East, and a return to the United States in May for stadium appearances. Randy Meisner departed the band at the conclusion of the tour in September, and was replaced by Timothy B. Schmit (born November 20, 1947 in Sacramento, California), previously of Poco, where he had earlier replaced Meisner.

Eagles Live In March 1978, the Eagles started work on a new album, which took almost a year and a half to finish. In September of 1979, The Long Run was released. After four months, it reached number one and was certified platinum, ultimately receiving multi-platinum certifications. Its first song, “Heartache Tonight,” went to number one, while “I Can’t Tell You Why” and “The Long Run” also charted in the Top Ten. The Grammy for Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal went to “Heartache Tonight” in 1979. The Eagles visited the United States in 1980, when they recorded Eagles Live during a week-long run at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium. (Some songs from 1976 were also included.) The double LP (which has since been reissued as a single CD) was released in November 1980 and went multi-platinum, with the song “Seven Bridges Road” hitting the Top 40.

The Eagles went on hiatus after their 1980 tour ended, although it wasn’t formally confirmed until May 1982. All five solo albums have been released. (Of course, Walsh had a solo career before, during, and after his time with the Eagles.) The band members were approached with numerous substantial offers to rejoin during the remainder of the 1980s, but they refused. Frey and Henley started composing together again in 1990, and they performed at charity concerts with Schmit and Walsh that spring. A full-fledged reunion was rumored, but it never happened. The Eagles did, however, rejoin four years later. They filmed an MTV performance special in the spring of 1994 and then embarked on a tour that lasted until August of 1996. The MTV program premiered in October, followed by an audio adaptation, the album Hell Freezes Over, which debuted at number one on the charts and went on to sell millions of copies, producing the Top 40 pop single “Get Over It” and the number one adult contemporary smash “Love Will Keep Us Alive.”

The Very Best of the Eagles [Rhino] In January 1998, the Eagles reunited for their induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, with the five current members performing with former members Leadon and Meisner. They performed a millennium performance at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on December 31, 1999, which was recorded and released in November 2000 as part of the box set retrospective Selected Works: 1972-1999. However, things were not going well inside the band, and Felder was dropped from the lineup in February 2001. The Eagles continued as a foursome, releasing The Very Best of the Eagles in 2003 and finding modest success with the song “Hole in the World,” despite a lengthy court fight. Felder’s lawsuit was resolved out of court in 2007, and the Eagles released their seventh studio album, Long Road Out of Eden, a double-disc record that went multi-platinum fast. The band released the documentary History of the Eagles in 2013 and toured in support of it until mid-2015. Glenn Frey got sick six months later and died on January 18, 2016. He was 67 years old at the time. The Eagles were resurrected little over a year after Frey’s death, with Glenn’s son Deacon taking his place on guitars and vocals, and Vince Gill joining on guitars and vocals. In July 2017, the band performed at the Classic West and Classic East festivals before hitting the road in 2018. The group’s complete discography was packaged up as the Legacy collection at the conclusion of the year.

The original eagles members are the founding members of the Eagles. They were formed in Los Angeles, California and released their debut album in 1972.

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Whats the top 10 Eagles songs?

Here are the top 10 Eagles songs in order of popularity.

Who were the original 4 Eagles?

The original 4 Eagles are the four main members of the band that started it all, they are Michael Jackson, Freddy Mercury, Elvis Presley and John Lennon.

Which Eagles are dead?

The Eagles are not dead.

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