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El Tigrillo Palma – Biography, Songs, & Albums |

El Tigrillo is a Mexican singer-songwriter who has released three albums and two EPs. His music is described as “a mix of folk, rock, blues, soul, cumbia and jazz.”

El Tigrillo Palma is a Mexican singer-songwriter. He was born in Mexico City on October 30, 1989 and he has released three albums.

Pistiando Con la Plebada El Tigrillo Palma is a corridos-specialist regional Mexican musician from Sinaloa. Efrén Aguilar was born in El Baral, Guasave, Sinaloa, and had his first big success in 2006 with the narcocorrido “Los Chiquinarcos.” The song was first released on the album Pistiando con la Plebada (2006), and was then republished by Univision on a number of compilation albums, including the best-of collections Joyas de Coleccion (2007) and Los Corridos Favoritos del Jefe (2007). (2008). Por las Calles Enlodadas (2007), which contains the regional Mexican smash song “El 80,” Grandes Corridos de La Sierra (2007), which includes the follow-up success “El 24” as well as the hit “El Bazucazo,” and En Vivo Desde Hermosillo, Sonora (2008), a CD/DVD that includes in-concert video and music.

Other labels started publishing El Tigrillo Palma albums in the aftermath of these Univision CDs and their included songs. A trio of previously released albums originally on the independent label Morena Music — Cantándole al Chaka (2005), Pistiando en la Sierra (2006), and Anda Alterada la Gente (2006) — was reissued by Universal, in addition to the Sony BMG album releases Fiesta Privada con Banda (2008) and Norteo y Chacaloso (2008); meanwhile, EMI reissued a trio of previously released albums originally on the independent label Arie (2007).

El Tigrillo Palma is a Mexican singer and songwriter. He was born in Mexico City on December 1, 1979. His first album Cuanto cobra el tigrillo palma was released in 2006. Reference: cuanto cobra el tigrillo palma.

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